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Yoga as exercise

Yoga as exercise is a modern exercise practice influenced by hatha yoga. It involves holding stretches as a kind of low-impact physical exercise, and is often used for therapeutic purposes. Yoga in this sense often occurs in a class and may involve meditation, imagery, breath work and music.

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In today’s world, everyone wants stay happy and healthy. With scientific development and technological advancement, life is becoming more and more strenuous. Therefore, people are looking ways to keep themselves fit. Many people think that yoga is mere performance of asana or exercise. Nevertheless, people are not aware of its benefits. Yoga is a science, which related to ones physical, mental, and spiritual state. In here, a brief introduction on the eight-fold path by sage patanjali, its medical benefits and some notions people have in mind. By practicing yoga regularly, we will be able to overcome various ailments and experience the pleasure of life. Sage patanjali has given us an eight-fold path to attain yoga, self-discipline, the rules, yoga postures, regulated breaths, sense of detachment, inner abstraction, meditation, and state of Bliss. These principles are the disciplines and systems, which are required to maintain human values. However today, people are so much absorbed in material life that not all are able to pursue the continuous practice of yoga. Nevertheless, as diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, asthma is prevailing and people are seeking refuge in yoga. Many people try to cure diseases by taking medicines, but they cannot be completely eradicated. By regular practice of yoga, it is possible to eliminate diseases. Medical authorities all over the world are advising the patients to practice yoga for curing diseases. There is a wrong notion among people that yoga refers to performing of exercise to keep the body in shape. However, practicing yoga in a systematic way leads to a long and healthy life and improves our beauty. Even though the yoga postures seem to be easy, they should be performed under strict guidance of a regular yoga practitioner or yoga teacher. Yoga provides so much of benefits, a little mistake or doing the postures in a haphazard way, may lead to a serious problem. For students performance of some the postures and meditations are beneficial in improving their concentration. Yoga is a state of disunion from union with sorrow. Yoga has performed with utmost devotion, determination and undisturbed by depression. With all these benefits from yoga, physical, mental and spiritual state, people are still missing from their daily life. The essence of yoga is, to keep the mind calm, determined and achieve control over mind and self-discipline.

Contributed by Subramanya Datta

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