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Morning Yoga Exercises

Contributed by Aileen Chang

1) Yama Attitudes toward our environment - comprising "ahisma", the Hindu ethic of non-violence, restraint from lying, stealing, and greed. 2) Niyama Attitudes toward ourselves - comprising cleanliness, serenity, study, devotion, and asceticism. 3) Asana Posture practice - positioning of the body while incorporating the breath to achieve a greater awareness in the mind 4) Pranayama Breath control - energizing and balancing of the mind-body through the stilling and flow of breath and prana. 5) Pratyahara Sense-withdrawal - relaxation and internalization of the senses in order to activate the mind. 6) Dharana Concentration - focusing and holding of the attention. 7) Dhyana Meditation - prolonged concentration fills the whole consciousness. 8) Samadhi Ultimate state of self-realization - absorbed concentration leads to the "ecstatic" state, the "awakened" state, or liberation.

Contributed by Meghan Green