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CNN reports on a new method for helping students to focus. Some elementary schools are employing yoga as a way to help students relax before a test or to help those restless students to move a little bit between lessons. In the article students and teachers report an improvement in focus. I also wonder if this idea and others similar too it, could help students learn some valuable lessons on health and exercise.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

This. Is. Amazing.

Contributed by Angela Loomis

Yoga helps the MIND, BODY, and SOUL. Amazing positions to help stretch and relax! Enjoy :)

Contributed by Angela Loomis

"To see beauty is to see light." -Victor Hugo I use yoga to find compassion for myself. Try this: with every inhale take in love for yourself and with every exhale let go of a criticism. Just try one at a time, take love in, push criticism out.

Contributed by Katy Ann Lackey

Yoga helps people relax their minds and body. It gives you the opportunity to focus and block out the problems by keeping you calm inside and out.

Contributed by Trish AlwaysIndependent

This is Child's Pose. This pose can be used after a very difficult stretch or to help you concentrate on breathing. Enjoy!

Contributed by Meghan Green

This is Downward Facing Dog. It's a very relaxing pose and is a starting pose for most extreme positions. Read the instructions carefully and make sure you concentrate on your breathing. As my yoga instructor might say, "If you're not breathing, it's not yoga." Enjoy!

Contributed by Meghan Green

Yoga Cat

Contributed by Aileen Chang

This is the second form of Sun Salutation. It's kind of difficult for a beginner so I suggest looking up the first from of Sun Salutation if this one is too hard. Enjoy!

Contributed by Meghan Green

Top 20 Reasons to do Yoga

Contributed by Aileen Chang