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USA Today has come out with a new survey featuring the most populous countries in the world. Surprised to see such less developed countries as Burma/Myanmar, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia in the top 25. Also surprised to find out that the majority of the Philippines' population only lives on 11 out of its 7000 islands and has a population of over 100 million and has one of the highest birth rates in Asia! Also, in the US, our current population is 320 million, the US GDP counts for about a quarter of the world's total, and our military spending is more than the rest of the world combined! We also have the largest rich-poor gap of any developed country.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Real Examples! As you can see Germany is in the 4th stage of a population were it is beginning to stabilize. The United States on the other hand just reached 4th stage. The Democratic Republic of Congo, however, looks as though it has a very high birth rate so it is in late stage 1 or stage 2. The only reason why it may not be entirely at stage 2 is because the death rate is also very high since there are not many elderly people. Source of Details: AP Human Geography Class

Contributed by Jeana Logue

We haven't felt the transition model in America because of the high level of immigration and over-consumption. Interesting article on the population leveling out. Either way you look at things, no one can predict the future. We can all agree that it's up to us to work together to make sure it's bright!

Contributed by Alyssa Green

The pattern of population growth

Contributed by Jeana Logue

It is important for us to realize that exponential growth to our population has put a strain on our resources. By 2025, its estimated we will have to double our current food production to level with the growth. Some of these facts and figures are shocking. If you don't know think we have a problem check out this video!

Contributed by Alyssa Green

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