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Wong Fu Productions

Wong Fu Productions is an Asian American filmmaking group composed of Wesley Chan (born April 27, 1984), Ted Fu (born October 26, 1981), and Philip Wang (born October 28, 1984). The trio met at the University of California, San Diego in 2004 and produced a number of music videos and short films released on their website and later YouTube before establishing a professional media company, Sketchbook Media, after their graduation. Their works have been featured at a number of national and international film festivals, including the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, San Diego Asian Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival.

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Wong Fu Productions was developed by Philip Wong when his was attending University of California San Diego. Before YouTbe was launched, he released videos through different websites that supported video files. In addition, the original name of the film company was Sketchbook Media; once YouTube was launched, the fans felt that Wong Fu Productions was a better fit for them. Wesley Chan and Ted Fu were not part of Wong Fu Productions until after the trio graduated from college. They later moved in an apartment together and began to work on projects. Because YouTube and Wong Fu Productions were so knew, they worked part-time with taking pictures and making films for weddings, parties, etc. Currently, Wong Fu Productions has expanded and now has several more members that are part of the group; however, Philip, Wesley, and Ted are known to be the founding three. They have become popular on YouTube with their short films and weekly vlogs called "Wong Fu Weekends" which showed behind-the-scenes to their short films or any activities that they do in their private lives. Because of their style of story-writing, they have influenced many people who watch their videos. Recently, they began a second channel called "More Wong Fu" which will focus outside of film and more on their lives and daily activities. In addition, Wong Fu Productions are known to work with other YouTube celebrities in several of their short films and music videos. In response, they received a 'Thank You' video from the other YouTubers to celebrate their 10 Year Anniversary in June.

Contributed by Oscar Tsai

One of my all time favorite videos by them. It's beautiful, and the idea is amazing. They have other romantic and dramatic videos as well as comedy so check them out!

Contributed by McKenzie Neu

Wes's Sixth College Commencement address.

Contributed by Tracy Lee

Where wong fu shot videos on UCSD campus and where they met.

Contributed by Tracy Lee

Wong Fu Productions 10 year anniversary video! :]

Contributed by Tracy Lee

This is their website as well! :)

Contributed by Crystal Hsieh

This is their youtube channel, that got them famous!

Contributed by Crystal Hsieh

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