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Women's suffrage

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Emily Davidson: Suffragette Martyr

In the 20th century, suffragettes began drawing the public's attention by performing wild stunts such as throwing eggs at police officers. Emily Davidson performed the unforgettable stunt of jumping in front of a racing horse during a derby, thereby sacrificing her life for the sake of women's suffrage, inspiring many women to adopt the same unperturbed perseverance.

Contributed by Grace Li-Haug

Women Suffragettes' Civil Disobedience

Many suffragettes were impassioned by their desire for the women's vote to cause public disturbances by picketing and protesting. Young or old, they were equally zealous.

Contributed by Grace Li-Haug

This movement still continue's today.

Contributed by Nelta Timothee

Family Guilt

I did a huge semester project on the rhetoric found in anti-suffrage cartoons, and this one was one of the most common themes. Guilting women through their families is not new.

Contributed by Joanna Hoover

Women all across the nation wonder everyday how can they remain as feminist as God has made them and fight for justice, equality in rights like the men husbands sons and brothers whom they support. I posted this video to share with you the history behind this movement in hopes that it does not stop at YouTube but it travels to the classroom to influence rising young ladies that they two can become great leaders and remain women of virtue with their own voices crying for change and equality.

Contributed by Zinfindale Smith

I did my national history day project on this. It really empowers me and other women to know that we can do so much to make a difference.

Contributed by Rachelle S. Alexander

In women, courage is often seen as insanity.

Contributed by Naomi Juarez

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