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White tiger

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white tiger

Contributed by Keri Potter

I learned at the fort worth zoo that white tigers are not a species of tiger. Their coloration is a mutation and it is often associated with visual and respiratory issues.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

They are so beautiful!!!

Contributed by Ky Thornton


The disgusting practices necessary to breed the white tigers seen in zoos is ridiculous

Contributed by Anyssa Augustin

I think we can all agree that inbreeding is bad, right? So why do we continue to breed theses tigers? Yes they are beautiful and frankly, they are my favorite animal, but even I can see that breeding them can only end badly. We are hurting them in the long run and if we keep breeding these animals someday they may not even be able to function from all the inbreeding.

Contributed by Shantel Cordova

Poor white tiger

Contributed by Shantel Cordova

Sad that something so beautiful can come out of something so awful,they are purposefully inbred in captivity to meet the demand of the paying public. Help stop the Cruelty!!

Contributed by Andrea Crawford