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Before white or red, There was blue!!!

Contributed by Sydney Rae Harris

Wedding Dress Worn 148 Times!

Jennifer Salvage in Antelope Canyone, Arizona, USA. is a lucky bride, who has worn her wedding dress in 19 different countries over 147,500 miles for 148 photo shoots! She has been to China, Moscow and the Bahamas and with her photographer/husband. I wonder if all these trips are considered their honeymoon. So adorable!

Contributed by Vanessa Lam


Contributed by Carolin Cruz

Wedding dress.

Contributed by Jazmin Luna

The back is so beautiful.

Contributed by Jazmin Luna

Love the back of the dresses!!

Contributed by Iesha Liberato

Want to look taller in your wedding gown? Here's some tips and tricks to create that look of length from Say Yes to the Dress.

Contributed by Crista Rasband Vance

Terms for the shape a wedding dress. It can be very helpful to go into a fitting knowing which styles you like so that a consultant has some idea of what to put you in.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

Such a beauty!

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So pretty!

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