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Special for the bride and the groom

Contributed by Evangeline Nguyen


found this cute and funny, kinda want to do this for my wedding someday

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Marriage is Compromise.

Contributed by Amanda Slater

Why is the wedding ring on your forth finger?

The Chinese Explanation The Chinese have given a beautiful and very convincing theory as to why the wedding ring should go on the fourth finger. As the story goes : Look at your left hand, the hand that your wedding ring goes on, and do you see your thumb? Well the thumb represents your parents. Now your index finger, or your first finger, represents your siblings. The third finger, loving called the middle finger by some, represents yourself. Where the fourth finger represents your life partner. And your pinkie is to represent the children you will some day have. Now if you place both of your hands together and bend your middle fingers together, and leave the other fingers touching together (like shown in the picture). When your hands are as such do this : Pull your thumbs apart. (this represents the parents) Your thumbs will open because you and your parents are not destined to be together forever. At some point they will leave you in your life. Now put your thumbs back together. Repeat the same motion with your index fingers (this representing your siblings). Of course your index fingers will also separate because you are also not destined to be with your siblings for the rest of your life. They will move on and have families of their own. Now put them back together. Now seperate your pinkies. (representing your future children) Of course these will also seperate because your children will not be with you forever. They will grow up to have lives and families of their own as well. Now put them back together. Now for your "ring" finger. (representing your life partner) Try separating them as you did with the other. Can't do it can you? That is because your life partner is the one who is supposed to be with you for the rest of your life. They will be the one to be with you forever and through thick and thin. Roman belief According to Roman belief the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because of a vein that we have in our left "ring" finger. This vein is called the vena amoris. It is believed that this vein runs directly to the heart. Which as we all know is the symbol of love.

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Who Pays?

Good thing to know for all those considering marriage!

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Wedding attire for the bride

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Wedding during a Monsoon

Ramoncito Campo kisses his wife Hernelie Ruazol Campo on a flooded street during a southwest monsoon that battered Manila, Philippines, in August. The perfect wedding does not require extravagant flowers, decorations, or even the perfect weather. Look at this couple!

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Gorgeous outdoor wedding idea.

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Tip your vendors.

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Great Wedding Tips

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