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A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of marriage vows by the couple, presentation of a gift (offering, rings, symbolic item, flowers, money), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or celebrant. Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is sometimes followed by a wedding reception. Music, poetry, prayers or readings from religious texts or literature are also commonly incorporated into the ceremony.

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Nunta noastra


Contributed by Anonymous

Chinese wedding a price

Chinese wedding dinners are elaborate and, well, abundant. There are 10-12 courses, each course with its own individual meanings. For example, the lobster dish represents dragon (the husband) which is also the counterpart to the phoenix(the wife). Another dish is shark fin soup, which likely represents wealth since it costs a fortune. This is where I draw the line. Not only is it incredibly arrogant on a human's part to support the cruel treatment and killing of sharks simply for their fins, but to flaunt wealth? Can't you buy something else to do that? Even if the soup is a tradition, tradition is merely that: something based in the past that should change if the present demands it.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang


Love these!

Contributed by Rachel Peterson

Save Your Bouquet

Here is a cute way to save your wedding bouquet especially after spending so much money on flowers!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Wedding Decorations

This is a super cute wedding decoration using roses!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Backyard wedding

I love the streamers and lights of this wedding! It's so pretty!

Contributed by Ryann Burnett

Emoji story

What this emoji girl is really saying about her big day.

Contributed by Ryann Burnett

Taking wedding pictures

Just a photo I took of a couple taking wedding photos

Contributed by Kathryn Robbins

Tips for planning a rustic wedding on a budget!

Planning a wedding is a big job especially when you are planning your dream rustic wedding on a budget. To help you collect some ideas of where you can save and yet still have the day with your dreams we created these rustic wedding budget tips.

Contributed by Tess Chaffin

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