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I saw this as part of a baby video compilation a few years ago and thought it was so funny! Babies are so adorable!! :-)

Contributed by Alexandra Varriano

An interesting way to eat your watermelon!

Contributed by David Belleza

Hilarious vine post re-uploaded on youtube.

Contributed by Liv Harp


Contributed by Jess Dzyk

Healthy recipe for the summer

Contributed by Jackie Fernandez

Some of the strangely shaped watermelons to come out of Japan

Contributed by Amanda Nuwanda Peterson

23 Best Watermelon Recipes

Contributed by Angie Grant

In 2007 Oklahoma declared the watermelon to be their official state vegetable. Most consider the watermelon to be a fruit, but the watermelon does come from the cucumber and squash family which are considered to be vegetables.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

Some interesting facts about watermelon. Did you know that some watermelons can grow to be over 100 pounds? I was surprised by the facts related to Oklahoma.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

How to grow a square watermelon. I have you seen the cube shaped watermellons coming out of Japan? they are easier to ship. They grow them inside a box. If you wanted to do it at home you can use a cinder block.

Contributed by Kandi Smith