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Okay everyone watch and listen. We are taking a massive leap in consciousness here. We are finally discovering or acknowledging that our thoughts, actions and intentions do, in fact, have a substantial affect on how atoms bond on the molecular level. I know it seem pretty insignificant but NEWS FLASH that is all we are; that is all everything is... atoms bonded to create molecules. Our thoughts, actions, and intentions are constantly affecting the condition of ourselves and others so try to keep it positive!

Contributed by Miren Moragrega

Could prayer and the thought of love and care influence water? Renowed author and healer Dr. Masaru Emoto thinks so, and he has photographic proof to back up his claim. When healthy water freezes it creates crystals and a uniform internal shape. He uses a machine called a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer that was said to measure chi, Dr. Emoto uses the Japanese word hado, he freezes water and photographs water crystals at magnifications of between 200-500 times 90 seconds before the ice melts, and which the water is a copy of the six lines inside a circle constituting the Chinese alphabet's character for water(Amazing that the Chinese knew about this thousands of years before the microscope was even discovered). He noticed that when water before it was frozen when exposed to music with negative words like "I hate you" or "You idiot" the water crystals did not form properly, and had an internal chaotic appearance, but when water was exposed to positive musc like Beethoven's Pastorale the water formed correct crystals, and uniformed beautiful internal shapes. So remember prayer is not just religious but positve thinking that can affect our surroundings.

Contributed by Bobby Wish