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I Volunteer!

Save water shower with Ian

Contributed by Lindsay Favero

I really like his videos because I always learn so much about the world we live in.

Contributed by Karlie Shae Campbell

21st water struggles

Contributed by Ciara Voy

Embarrassing lack of clean water access around the world...

Contributed by Ciara Voy

A great example of crystalline structures: there was a snowflake that was 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick. Water may just be the most impressive chemical compound...

Contributed by Keri Potter

A filter you can make if you are in the jungle.

Contributed by Keri Potter


Contributed by Arshid Yaqoob

Thought it was pretty cool!

Contributed by Arshid Yaqoob

SAVE WATER! There are so many people who get little to none drinkable water. To help your family and yourself, conserve water. Turn the water off when shaving or brushing your teeth. Spend less time in the shower. Don't flush things down the toilet to dispose them! Check for leaks and fix them. Here's a link for more!

Contributed by Lizzie Briley

Learn how to water bend with a few water bottles and a freezer!

Contributed by Emily Carnevale