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Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, officially Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. and informally known as Disney Parks, was one of The Walt Disney Company's four major business segments and a subsidiary. The company was responsible for the conception, building, and managing of Disney theme parks and vacation resorts, as well as a variety of family-oriented leisure enterprises. It was founded in 1971, following the opening of Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida.

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Extremely interesting and horrifying, but I definitely do not recommend starting your day with this video. Save it for later.

Contributed by Theodhora Dhesp

Lilo Disneybound

Simple outfit inspired by Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. I think this one was designed for dads, my dad would love the casual aloha shirt and shorts.

Contributed by Douglas Westphal

Figaro Disneybound

Characters that have no obvious color schemes, such as, Figaro from Pinocchio, can still be done by using accessories that symbolize the character.

Contributed by Douglas Westphal

Mr. Toad Disneybound

A more elaborate Disneybound for a somewhat obscure Disney character.

Contributed by Douglas Westphal

Hewey, Dewey, and Louise

Characters like Hewey, Dewey and Louise can be done as a Disneybound more easily, when done in a group.

Contributed by Douglas Westphal

Indian Jones Disneybound

A template for an Indian Jones Disneybound, dressing up in the style of something Disney.

Contributed by Douglas Westphal

A women Disneybounding, (dressing up in a Disney inspired outfit) as Mulan

Contributed by Douglas Westphal

Peter Pan Disneybound

A women Disneybounding, dressing in an outfit inspired by something Disney.

Contributed by Douglas Westphal

Goofy Disneybounding

A man Disneybounding as Goofy (wearing an everyday outfit inspired by Disney) posing with Goofy.

Contributed by Douglas Westphal

Jane Disneyboubounding.

Disneybounding, dressing in everyday clothing inspired by anything Disney. The girl in the middle is dressing as Jane from Tarzan (on the left.)

Contributed by Douglas Westphal

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