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The University of California, Irvine is hosting a free MOOC--a massive open online course--with subjects related to the Walking Dead that coincides with the new season.

Contributed by Sammo Lea

Best Walking Dead Characters

I fangirl very hard for these two. I am also a fan of Carol, Glenn and Maggie but these two are by far my favorite.

Contributed by Kellymarie Perez-Cruz

Story line is almost identical! Must See.

Contributed by Jennifer Lopez Brito

This is Darly Dixon a.k.a the best character in the Walking Dead Series

Contributed by Jessica Falcon

Proof that "The Walking Dead" and "Toy Story" have the same plot. It's crazy/funny how accurate this is.

Contributed by Keri Potter

relax people, it's only the trailer. But seriously OMG.

Contributed by Diego Serratos

The walking dead is a popular show that is about zombies taking over the world.

Contributed by Jessica Navarrete

A zombie from the Walking Dead franchise, in which the zombies are classified as "Slow" (unlike the 28 Days Later or L4D versions).

Contributed by Indiana Winston Jones