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Xbox 1 is revealed and almost on its way!

Contributed by Carlos Santiago

Good customer service.

Contributed by Keri Potter

IGN is the most reliable video game review site. I always check this one out before I buy.

Contributed by Tim Moore

Video games have come a long way since the first gaming system came out. Advancement in technology has allowed programmers and designers to change the face of video games. From the Atari to the modern Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, video games have become quite popular. This video shows you a brief and very interesting history of video games.

Contributed by Aby Rodriguez

Not only are Easter Eggs a fun aspect of video games, but some fan made productions, such as Red Vs. Blue, became so popular that they would get Easter eggs off themselves or their creation in following up games, such as in Halo Reach, where they had one of the terminals in the Tribute Room dedicated to Red Vs. Blue.

Contributed by Michael Canfield