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e3 is a huge week long event for games and electronics and this year Microsoft has completely switched their message to gamers from being the all in one entertainment and focusing on TV and other sources of entertainment than video games. So learning from their mistakes Microsoft came out at this years e3 and showed nothing but games, and did it very well. Putting them back in the console wars.

Contributed by Mason Muehlbauer

it's a song composed of gaming console sounds

Contributed by Joseph Perry

This TED Talk by Jane McGonigal is about her research into gaming and how it can change the world.

Contributed by Sammo Lea

Video games can allow any person to relax after a long day. They help the average person release anger and anxiety that they have built during the day. The graphics are very amazing to watch and to interact with as well.

Contributed by Sebastian Kuhr

Extra Credits is a Youtube show that discusses different aspects of video game design.

Contributed by Scott Howe

E.T The Extraterrestrial was the first video game based on a moviecalled it the most famous disaster story among film-inspired video games as well as within the industry.Atari to report a $536 million loss in 1983 and led to the company being divided and sold in 1984. GameSpy's Classic Gaming called E.T. Atari's biggest mistake, as well as the largest financial failure in the industry.

Contributed by Damian Reyes

Video game history documentary

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

2veinte is a design and motion graphics studio situated in Buenos Aires Argentina. They created this short video game trailer that is so fun to watch.

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

We see too many stories about violence being tied to video games; so to help ease the scapegoating the media does, here is a reminder for those parents that this game is rated M for a reason.

Contributed by Kristian Howard

Released October 29, cannot wait !

Contributed by Courtney Walsh