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Delicious vegan christmas food ideas

Contributed by Emma Shafar

Veganism isn't limited to "rabbit food." There are plenty of vegan recipes out there that are extremely delicious; many vegan recipes taste better than their non-vegan alternative! While they are scrumptious, they also help lower cholesterol, drop excess weight, and improve energy. A vegan is not weighed down by the heaviness of dairy or meat. Check out this link to fabulous plant-based recipes!

Contributed by Leia Green

Go vegan! There is no other way to be healthy. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.

Contributed by Kardenya Falls

A very powerful speech by Gary Yourofsky speaking about a vegan lifestyle and animal rights. I originally watched this speech having no idea what it was about, but it ended up changing my life! I highly recommend everyone take the time to watch this speech, as he is a very talented and entertaining speaker. I preformed a cut of this speech for my school's speech team and advanced to state tournament with it.

Contributed by Renee Cox

Don't want to become vegan because you don't want to be weak? Because you want your muscle tone? Because you just need meat? Take a look at this TED Talk by bodybuilder Joshua Knox, and see how his life changed by turning vegan.

Contributed by Sammo Lea

Julieanna Hever talks about how easy it can be to improve so many aspects of this world simply by becoming vegan. How does she think the future can be saved? By people eating plant-based diets instead of relying on animals for sustenance that plants can provide. She discusses how humans are what they eat, explains how the body changes with the food it takes in, and talks about how changing to such a diet can change the world. It's amazing that, despite the research showing how beneficial such a diet can be for the individual and for the world, so few people participate in this lifestyle.

Contributed by Sammo Lea