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simple and straight forward explanation to what a vector is

Contributed by Zak Haji

In case you didn't understand what I meant, here is a picture with the equation F = ma (Force = mass * acceleration). Okay, so force is a vector quantity. You know this because, when you push a box (and the forces are unbalanced...which means the box is moving) you are exerting a force upon that box and the box is moving in a certain direction (key words: moving and direction). Mass is a scalar quantity because it's simply stating a magnitude. Acceleration is a vector quantity because it implies a magnitude and a direction. For example, when you throw a ball off a cliff it accelerates at a rate of 9.8m/s^2 because of gravity. Gravity is causing the ball to move downward (from the perspective of the person that threw it...downward is generally indicated by making that acceleration negative) at a constant rate. Hopefully I didn't just confuse you further with my examples and explanation.

Contributed by Sarah Potter

Well, to make it simple, a vector quantity is basically a scalar (simply the magnitude of something) quantity with a direction. Velocity, for example, is a vector quantity because it is a speed going in a direction. The velocity of a car can be positive or negative depending on its direction relative to the perspective of an observer. A scalar quantity would be something like the mass of a block.

Contributed by Sarah Potter

Here's how you might get the resultant vector when three or more vectors are present.

Contributed by Sarah Potter

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