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Unusually shaped vegetable

An unusually shaped vegetable is a vegetable or fruit that has grown into a shape not in line with its normal body plan. While some examples are just oddly shaped, others are heralded for their amusing appearance, often because they resemble a body part such as the buttocks or genitalia. Pareidolia can be common in vegetables, with some people reporting the appearance of religious imagery.

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Cubed watermelons came from Zentsuji, a western town in Japan. The watermelons are grown in boxes which force the square shape. The square shaped fruit was developed over 30 years ago by a farmer in Kagawa. Each watermelon weighs about 13 pounds and are harvested before they are ripe. They are a popular gift item in Japan and used as decorations since they are virtually inedible. These fruits are seen as luxury items and go for at least $100 at high-end department stores. They seem to be a big success too since overseas markets are buying into this luxury watermelon. There is an increasing interest all over the world, from Canada to Moscow.

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