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University and college admission

University admission or college admission is the process through which students enter tertiary education at universities and colleges. Systems vary widely from country to country, and sometimes from institution to institution. In India almost all top private colleges and universities are having separate seats for management quota. Education diary plays a vital role in college and universities admission for all Undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

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The Suzy Lee Weiss mindset on college admissions

You may have read Suzy Lee Weiss's op-ed in the WSJ, which read either as a bitter student's rantings about not getting into any Ivy League colleges or as a humorous but realistic article. It's true, I have been rather disillusioned by the increasingly competitive (sometimes unfair) application process where some students apply to every single top college, get admitted, and choose not to go to any of them. However, while I'd like to disdain the process, many who manage to get accepted are truly worthy and have impressive and respectable accomplishments to show. What do you think? Should high school students have followed the Tiger Mother approach? Or should they continue to "be themselves" in order to get into college?

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

The Choice is a college admissions blog created by The New York Times. What separates this writing column from others about the subject it that every year, it features posts written by students going through the admissions process. The Choice is an enlightening read for anyone who is going through the admissions process.

Contributed by Caitlin Gee

Although this should not be reflective of college admissions as a whole, it is very interesting to read about the stories of some actual college admission officers. Did you get rejected/accepted based on merit, or was it because of a factor that was not in your control? Click the link to read more.

Contributed by Austin Roberto

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