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Unemployment is unpredictable

High school students (many under the age of 18) are on the quest for jobs for future expenses. A great deal of parents simply can not afford extra curricular costs such as field trips and lab fees. More importantly, students face the nearing burden of the overwhelming college cost. It is extremely difficult to get a job (despite countless efforts), especially in small towns. The government should do more than just give money for those in need to get in education, they should provide more jobs for those who have the integrity to WORK for their future (this statement does contradict the photo of the man sitting).

Contributed by Diane Elizabeth

This article offers the unemployment rates of particular majors, and suggestions on what you should major in instead. But I think the old adages still apply. If you work hard, exceed at what you do, and don't back down, you'll find success. There's just going to be a lot of competition and a stiff economy to slow you down some. This article lists the following majors for high unemployment rates: Information Systems, Architechture, Anthropology, Film/Video/Photographic Arts, Political Science.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

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