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This is David Karp, the creator of Tumblr.

Contributed by Callie Thompson

Tumblr is a great place to be yourself without having to worry about what people think of you. One thing I love about this website is that you have the ability to embrace parts of yourself that you may not reveal in public to others. It is a really freeing website.

Contributed by Tatyanna Johnson

Tumblr is freedom, in it's most basic definition. Tumblr is the social network where anyone and everyone can go, unite and freely express themselves without judgement.

Contributed by Ashley Nicole

Beginners guide to tumblr

Contributed by Kate Hoffman

Hot to use Tumblr

Contributed by Kate Hoffman

How to upload a picture or video on tumblr. It is quick and easy!

Contributed by Brittany Avale

Hank green sings about tumblr.

Contributed by Jacob Perrone

Ever wanted to know what Tumblr is or how to start? This video shows you the basics!

Contributed by Alex Chacara