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Tumblr is a way of expression and there are so many people that are your age on the site. Some of these people are surprisingly going through similar things like you and as a community, we help each other out. We're all like a family and we've never met.

Contributed by Crystal Geneva Moon

An Expression of Appreciation for the Beloved Creation that is tumblr.

Demonstration of one of the many forms of content available via tumblr

Contributed by Jaclyn Rachelle

my tumblr

Contributed by Natasha Ram

This is an example of the typical dashboard. It is filled with Anonymous messages, or messages and answers from different users. It has comments, which are also commented with gifs (moving, almost video-like replies), and regular jpgs (pictures). However what you see here is incomparable to the addiction and the freedom of expression you will find of this site.

Contributed by Katie Connelly

not just a place to reblog pictures of pretty girls, or send messages to others, commenting about their blog.. it's a place where you can be 100% anonomus, you are free to write whatever you please, or reblog pictures of whatever you please. from delicious looking cupcakes, to gay couples holding hands. it's a beautiful place to meet amazing strangers who actually care

Contributed by Katie Connelly

Tumblr is definitely a place of free expression. No one has to worry about pleasing anybody or trying to look cool because your followers follow you BECAUSE they think your ideas and likes are great! It's a place to find inspirations in words or stories or stimulating conversations with others. The diversity in blogs is great! You can cry laughing on one blog and then cry because of the beauty of another blog! I'd definitely the best sight out there because your sight is for no one but yourself and others just happen to love all the ideas running through your mind!

Contributed by Catrina Lee Gonzales

tumblr is .. a get away A place to be free from judgement and be yourself a place to freely post the miniature things floating around in your mind and connect with others similar to you it is a community that can make strangers feel like lifelong friends

Contributed by Diamond Clay

there are so many interesting and talented photographers, musicians, comedians, writers, all these creative people on this single website. i think of it as a medium between twitter and blogspot because i guess that's why it's called a "microblogging" platform. tumblr is whatever you make of it; you share content, either reblogged or your own, in the form of text, images, links, audio, or video. some people run photoblogs, other people run writing blogs, personal blogs, music blogs, sometimes there are blogs that are a mix of everything. either way, if you're looking for a place to express yourself to a community of great people, this is it. :]

Contributed by Jessica Zhou

Tumblr is a social media where you create a person blog freely on what interests you. You can follow others, chat, message, put up photos, videos, quotes, links, etc. You can also look up tags that interest you. Posts can be of anything and everything. Tumblr has recently been bought by yahoo also which now advertisements for company's, tv shows, movies, etc pop up on your dashboard which is different.

Contributed by Tara Bell

Tumblr is a social network where people can express themselves freely. You can post videos, pictures, conversation, etc. There is no rule as to what you can and cannot post. You can follow other blogs that you like and even send them messages.

Contributed by Karen Lara