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Tropical cyclone

A tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, a closed low-level atmospheric circulation, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain. Depending on its location and strength, a tropical cyclone is referred to by different names, including hurricane (/ˈhʌrɪkən, -kn/), typhoon (/tˈfn/), tropical storm, cyclonic storm, tropical depression, and simply cyclone. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone that occurs in the Atlantic Ocean and northeastern Pacific Ocean, and a typhoon occurs in the northwestern Pacific Ocean; while in the south Pacific or Indian Ocean, comparable storms are referred to simply as “tropical cyclones” or “severe cyclonic storms”.

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Hurricane Eye Wall

The eye wall of a hurricane is a calm in the counter clockwise rotating storm. However, the eye of a hurricane does not mean that it is the exact center of the storm. Hurricane hunters who fly through the storm have to find the exact center in order to calculate which direction and the speed of which the storm is moving.

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Hurricane Evacuation Survival Kit

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