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Trick may refer to:

  • Trick McSorley (1852–1936), American professional baseball player
  • Armon Trick (born 1978), retired German international rugby union player
  • David Trick (born 1955), former Ontario civil servant and university administrator
  • Marcus Trick (born 1977), retired German international rugby union player
  • Stanley Arthur Trick (1884–1958), English cricketer for Essex
  • Stephanie Trick (born 1987), American stride, ragtime and jazz pianist
  • Trick Daddy (born 1973), American rapper and producer
  • Trick-Trick (born 1973), Detroit rapper

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People were confused how a Chinese couple managed to run a busy restaurant 21 hours a day without getting tired. Locals named it "robot couple restaurant". Turns out the restaurant is run by two couples. Both the men and women are identical twins.

Contributed by Vincent Huy Nguyen

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