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Spring dreaming

I cannot wait until spring when all of the pretty flowers bloom

Contributed by Ryann Burnett

Copper can slowly kill a tree. Be careful if you have any old pennies or nails and so happen to get them stuck/nailed in the tree.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

Trippy Tree

A tree looking through a bubble it seems

Contributed by Leah Rae Patterson

Tree house in the middle of cherry blossom, Japan

This beautiful tree house was featured in “Tree Houses: Fairytale Castles in the Air.” This Teahouse Tetsu was designed by Terunobu Fujimori.

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

The Tunnel of Trees

Found outside of Rivne, Ukraine, the Tunnel of Trees (aka Tunnel of Love) provides a natural archway over train tracks AND cute couples

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

Japanese Cherry Blossom

My favorite kind of tree. They are just beautiful!

Contributed by Brittney Henry

My Kind of Tree House

Maybe Tarzan and Jane's Tree House??

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

Underwater Mangrove Tree

Contributed by Sara Cornett

Cool tree

Contributed by Ulyana Bilyk