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Everywhere is on my list!

Contributed by Chelsea Rae

Best Advice

Contributed by Chelsea Rae

Don't ever let life escape you.

Contributed by Chelsea Rae

Rick Steves has the best information for traveling to Europe. If you want to go anywhere in Europe, definitely look into his books and website! The forums/Travel Helpline on the website are one of the most helpful spots. People from all around the world post and give advice about how to travel smart and efficiently in Europe. Whether you're backpacking for 3 months or just going for a week trip, you can find the answers to any questions or concerns you may have on Rick Steves' website or in his books. If you need more help, do not hesitate to post on the Travel Helpline and get responses from other travelers around the world!

Contributed by Genevieve Pan

The world is my playground

The only way to truly live is to travel...Its all about experiencing new cultures... people and places. Traveling opens your mind. It doesn't have to be across an ocean.. a simple road trip can be an eye opening experience.

Contributed by Jennifer Hornbrook Smith

In which I discuss my recent travels as well as my thoughts on travel. What do you think about travel? Where do you love to travel?

Contributed by Hallie Casey

My 17th country- Ghana! Best trip I've taken!

Contributed by Katie Roche

This blog is awesome and inspirational. She's traveled so many places and shares all kinds of info on health and culture. She has a Facebook page as well.

Contributed by Ashleigh Linse

Grand Central :)

Contributed by Jennifer Velazquez

Planning a trip? LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO! Kristin Harmel, author, tells it all: where to dine, where to drink, where to stay and what to do

Contributed by Daniela Garrido