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Louis Cole is a daily vlogger on YouTube who shares his life adventures with the world. "It's about taking every moment to celebrate life." -Louis Cole

Contributed by Shayna Rose Horowitz


It's good luck to touch the left boob of the Juliet statue at her tower in Italy.

Contributed by Katie Brazil

Travel Quote

I love this.

Contributed by Kaitlin Giles

Travel Quote

Someday I will explore the world.

Contributed by Kaitlin Giles


Travel can kill some of that mold growing on your mind and heart.

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

One of many legendary stories from Contiki.

Contributed by Lily Nguyen


Traveling the world will give you more education than any textbook, you will become more well rounded and know more about yourself as you learn about others.

Contributed by Sara Tangren


This is definitely on my bucket list. Amazing!

Contributed by Elizabeth Ehmen


Contributed by Kelly Biermann

What a cool idea! Like an awesome travel journal.

Contributed by Tori Griffin