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Obscene gestures from around the world -- be careful. Don't forget the peace sign in the UK is like the middle finger here -- Yikes.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

So I got an email from Refinery29 today and one of the links was talking about tips to save space and still be able to pack a lot. I just got back from a trip to cali and I ended up paying for a checked bag but I thought this article would have been very helpful to me before the trip but now I can use these tips for my next trip. Tip #1: Dont pack outfits instead pack a theme. This is because you can easily mix and match the peices to create many outfits. Normally you can get a few uses out of one pair of bottoms. Tip#2: you can use your shoes as storage. you can put accessories and what not in the shoe to save room and it will help protect it from getting broken. Tip#3: you also can have a personal bag. use this excuse to bring a big purse or a big bag to fit more things in such as electronic and purses and any other extras. Tip#4: Try and pack clothing that isnt going to wrinkle as much and use different methods of folding such as laying things out flat on top of one another, folding and rolling. Tip#5: when packing makeup, haircare, and skincare. only bring what you absolutely need and try and find samples of as much of it as you can. also some item can be multi purpose which can cut down on how many items your bringing. Tip#6: when planing your outfit for the plane ride consider wearing the heavy things or item that are oddly shaped and wont fit in your bags. this can include hats, jeans, coats. Tip#7: bring bags of some sort to bring back your dirty clothing in. Well I hope you found these tips as helpful as I did

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

Imagine a life where they pay you to travel around the world to shoot a video of you dancing! This guy is living the life and I'm sure has wonderful, endless stories to share :)

Contributed by Araceli Casillas