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Toss juggling

Toss juggling is the form of juggling which is most recognisable as 'juggling'.Definitions of "juggling" limited to toss juggling:

  • "Continuously toss into the air and catch (a number of objects) so as to keep at least one in the air while handling the others, typically for the entertainment of others." - "Juggle",
  • "To keep several objects in motion in the air at the same time by repeatedly throwing and catching them." - "Juggle",
  • "To keep (two or more objects) in the air at one time by alternately throwing and catching them." - (1983). American Heritage Dictionary. Cited in Ernest, James (2011). Contact Juggling, p.1. .
  • "In the twenty-first century the term juggler is applied to that kind of entertainer who throws up objects from one hand to another in a continuous rhythmical sequence without dropping them to the floor." - Butterworth, Philip (2005). Magic on the Early English Stage, p.3. . Toss juggling can be used as: a performing art, a sport, a form of exercise, as meditation, a recreational pursuit or hobby.

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