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Tornado (table football)

Tornado is brand of table football (foosball) table that has been used in the World Championships since 1986. The original. Tornado model was created by engineer Bob Furr. The Tornado brand has been manufactured by Valley-Dynamo since 1999, and is a market leader in both coin-operated and home recreation room markets. Tornado tables are recognized for its different style which show the unique way in which this producer design them based on the achievement of the highest control of the ball.The company is well known for the highest standard of the materials that they use to produce the main parts of their tables These days Tornado Foosball Tables are used in the most important championships of the U.S.A. Tornado tables are sanctioned for official play by the following governing bodies:

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Tornado tables are currently used as the official table for the Foosball World Championship held every year. There are other tables used, such as the Fireball Table, but the Tornado table has remained the most used by most players and organizations around the world. I play in the Idaho State tournaments in Boise every month and Tornado tables are what we use. Tornado tables come in two different varieties: coin-op and non coin-op. Coin-op tables are much heavier than non coin-op tables. Tornado tables also come in a variety of styles with different finishes on the outside. The table top is green and it comes with black and yellow men. Tornado tables can be customized in a variety of ways which makes them way cool compared to other tables out there.

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