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Tobacco Caye

Tobacco Caye is a tiny island in Belize, about 10 mi east of Dangriga. It is approximately 3 acres in area, shaped like an egg, with a north-south dimension of about and an east-west dimension of . It has a permanent population of about 20, and sees a regular stream of travelers thanks to the four small lodges on the island. The island is believed to have been named for the early cultivation of tobacco there. The earliest known European chart to indicate Tobacco Caye was by the British geographer J. Speer in 1771.

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it's a great place to dive with divemaster Eric. It's also nice for snorkeling, you can get some great views of different rays by just renting snorkel gear or bringing your own and jumping right off the pier.

Contributed by Ameerah Robateau

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