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Ticket or tickets may refer to:

  • Airline ticket, a document created by an airline or a travel agent to confirm that an individual has purchased a seat on an airplane
  • Electronic ticket, an electronic form of an transport ticket, entrance ticket etc.
  • Lottery ticket
  • Parking ticket, a ticket confirming that the parking fee was paid (and the time of the parking start)
  • Ticket (admission) (entrance ticket), a card or slip of paper used to gain admission to a location or event
  • Ticket (election), a single election choice which fills more than one political office or seat
  • Ticket (film), a film produced by Im Kwon Taek in 1985
  • Ticket (IT security), a number generated by a network server as a means of authentication
  • Ticket (toll collection), a slip of paper used to indicate where vehicles entered a toll road to charge based on an established rate when they exit
  • Ticket, a file in an issue tracking system documenting a reported problem and the steps taken to resolve it
  • Ticket cases, a series of cases in contract law
  • Traffic ticket, a notice issued by a law enforcement official accusing violation of traffic laws
  • Train ticket, a document issued by a railway operator that enables the bearer to travel by train
  • Tickets (film), a 2005 film

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