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I will always love Disney!

Contributed by Chelsea Rae

It's fun to do the impossible.

The very fact that disney exists today proves that anything is indeed possible.

Contributed by Jennifer Carvel

The first Disneyland Ticket ever sold

Contributed by Sara Cornett

You've got a friend in me- disney classic!

Contributed by Sandy Dasalla

could it really be? all pixar characters are from the same universe!?

Contributed by Sandy Dasalla

this guy does ALL of these voices. it's AMAZING!

Contributed by Sandy Dasalla


Contributed by Raquel Lorena

Mickey and Minnie weren't always the cute characters you see today...

Contributed by Sara Cornett

10 Best Disney Songs You've Probably Never Heard

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marriage proposal at disney world!!!!

Contributed by Diamon'e Godfrey