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I would've loved to be there!

Contributed by Jazmine Burnam

Disney's Mickey Mouse and Friends Nail Art

Disney's Mickey Mouse and Friends Nail Art

Contributed by Karen Webb

Magic kingdom

Makes me want to become a disney princess ?

Contributed by Julie SaNchez


It's the little things like this that you usually miss during a movie

Contributed by Hanna Alzoubi

Make your own cast member nametag!

I did this for my Cast Member halloween costume! Increase the size of the name tag to your liking, print it out on photo paper, mount it on cardboard, then type you name out in CAPS in blue, print it out, glue it to the nametag! Ta-da!

Contributed by Ashley Nicole Oplinger

Walt Disney only lived to see a few of his Princesses come to film but, his favorite princess or heroine was Cinderella! Also, his most most favorite part to animate out of all his films was in Cinderella with the transformation of her ragged clothes to a beautiful dress!

Contributed by Jacinda Passmore

Pretty awesome Snow White mix :)

Contributed by Amber Lerch

Great tank top!

Contributed by Amanda Emery

Disney College Program

If any of you are college aged or high school aged looking toward the future, the Disney college program is the coolest thing. What it is, is you work in Disney interning with whatever your intended major is, for me this is acting. You get college credit while being apart of a life changing experience.

Contributed by Lizzie Powers

Disney Teaches us many things we will carry with us our whole life

Each Disney movie teaches us something new not only as a child but as an adult and every age in between. we learn about love, friendships, life and so much more.

Contributed by Shannon Buffo