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The Shins

The Shins are an American indie rock band formed in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1996. The band's current lineup consists of James Mercer (vocals, guitar, songwriter), Jon Sortland (drums), Mark Watrous (guitar), Casey Foubert (guitar), Yuuki Matthews (bass), and Patti King (keyboards). The band is based in Portland, Oregon.

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Not many people hear or care about the bassist :( But I do! And my through my scrutiny, THIS dudes playing inspired me learn to play the bass.

Contributed by Alison Wonderland

The Shins have quickly become one of my favorite bands. It's weird because just about two years ago, I wasn't listening to them or any bands like them. Indie Rock? I didn't know it. I saw "Wincing the Night Away" on a shelf in the library where I would go with my friends. I loveeed the cover art and that attracted my eye. I listened to it at home and instantly feel in love. The Shins opened up a whole new genre of music to me that I would have probably overlooked before but now have become the only things i really listen to anymore. The Shins have gotten me through so many tough times because I can't help but be happy listening to them. I'm so grateful to Members James Mercer, Yuuki Matthews, Jessica Dobson Joe Plummer, Richard Swift,and Nick Teeling for their grand music making!

Contributed by Alison Wonderland


Contributed by Alison Wonderland

Yes. I know it's old, but this is still my favorite cd by them :)

Contributed by Alison Wonderland

The shins.

Contributed by Analleli G Moreno

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