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The Muppets

The Muppets are an ensemble cast of puppet characters known for their self-aware, burlesque, and meta-referential style of variety-sketch comedy. Created by Jim Henson and his wife Jane Henson in 1955, they are the namesake for the Disney media franchise that encompasses television shows, music recordings, motion pictures, theme park attractions, television specials, print publications, television films, merchandising, direct-to-video productions and other media works associated with the characters.

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A show that, according to Thompson, could be described as a mix of "The Muppet Show," "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood," and "Curb Your Enthusiasm," The Josh Robert Thompson Show is filled with puppets, comedy, voice acting, and improv from the mind of the multi-talented Josh Robert Thompson. This new show, which is currently in post production, is sure to be a hilarious hit amongst those who fancy witty humor.

Contributed by Marissa Goodnetter

This was just too precious -^_^-

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

The Most 90s Muppets Pictures Ever

Just look at those ridiculous outfits!

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

The Muppets take great art and make it better. :)

Contributed by Claire Robinson

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