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The Mentalist is an American police procedural comedy television series that ran from September 23, 2008, until February 18, 2015, broadcasting 151 episodes over seven seasons, on CBS. The show was created by Bruno Heller, who is also its executive producer. The show follows former "psychic" Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), who is a consultant to the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), using the highly developed observational skills he previously employed to "read" people's minds.

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(Perhaps minor spoiler alert up to the current episode?) As of the final episode of the fifth season, two people have each said to protagonists Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon, respectively, that one is "a little bit in love" with the other. Neither character denies it onscreen. Executive producer Bruno Heller has stated that in the next season, season 6, their relationship will be further explored and expanded upon.

Contributed by Alissa Pagano

Patrick Jane is a genius. He is able to read people's body language and listen for inflections in vocal tonality, and use that information to delve into their deepest thoughts and feelings. Pairing this ability up with the CBI and murder mysteries makes for a great show.

Contributed by 'David Hrostoski

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