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The Microsoft hololens will completely revolutionize the way that people interact with their environments.

Contributed by Daniel Carr

Some people think technology is good and some think otherwise. I think it is great because without it, the world would be put on such a halt. I would not be able to fulfill this scholarship right now without the evolution of technology. There is nothing more exciting then seeing tech evolve.

Contributed by Killnoticed Psn

I feel like our generation narrowly missed an age where a person's childhood is tainted by gadgets. BUT I still believe that half the time, a child would rather play with the box. And that gives me hope. A child's imagination is a strong thing; even technology may not deter it.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

This is beautifully written and executed. I know I have been guilty of being glued to my phone in public, often just to pass time. Who could I have met while I was scrolling through my news feed?

Contributed by Tori Griffin

The very best way to use the technology you allready have! Let your beliefs be heard!

Contributed by Kason Heaton

"Superman" crystals could store 360 terabytes of data forever. Pretty amazing.

Contributed by Keri Potter

When technology was first introduce to the world which was the wheel...To this something so small and insane. With a wave of a hand just to answer the phone. How advanced this world has gotten, and will be in the near future.

Contributed by Ramses Sosa

As our society grows so does the technology. Within a couple more decades, technology will be our top priority in able to doing things. Some IT say that robots will start living among us, til then I can't wait. Technology will amaze us but hopefully not stabilize us like the humans in Wall-E.

Contributed by Avalon Rose

Flight of the bumblebee played differently

Contributed by Henry Moreno