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Teaching is one of the most rewarding and most thankless professions

Contributed by Lisa Marie

I have been attending Rutgers Camden and I had a great experience with one of my Professors. Her name is Patricia Kline. She taught me more than I ever thought imaginable. She not only taught our class about Business Communication, but she taught us how to succeed in business. She taught us how to get an interview, and land the job. Since having her class I have been on my third internship and my current one is with a huge global company. I can't thank her enough!

Contributed by Ryan Durham

Funny satire comparing America's treatment of football players to the treatment of teachers.

Contributed by Savannah Bettin


What sort of teacher will you be? Who have your favorite teachers been?

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

It's ridiculous that teachers have to spend this sort of money out of their own pockets in order to do their job, especially when they're not paid nearly enough to begin with. Science teachers at my high school received a budget of $100 per year. For almost 200 students.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Such a great video! This guy does everything! Teacher, sensai, mentor, poet. AWESOME!

Contributed by Tiffani Forsythe

Haha Very creative! We need more creative teachers like these. You can tell he really likes his job!

Contributed by Joselyn Rojas

Did you ever have a horrible teacher? a wonderful teacher? Aspiring to be a good teacher? Learn the secrets of these great and amazing teachers!

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

Here is a video I created about why you would choose teacher as a profession. Please click on the link below to see the video.

Contributed by Chingtsing Yang

A funny Goofy video about what teachers experience on a typical school day.

Contributed by Betty-Ann Townsend