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My first tattoo

This tattoo was inspired by two things: A love for pocket watches, and a German artist Cro. I have always been fond of pocket watches over wrist watches because I constantly took off and lost my wrist watches, plus, how classy is a pocket watch?! The time on the watch is when I was born, 7:46 PM and the little window shows the inside of the watch and all its little cogs. That small detail always reminds me to be grateful for the little things in life. Then the quote "Meine Zeit Ist Jetzt" means "My time is now" and comes from the song "Meine Zeit" by Cro, a popular German rapper. The song is about staying relaxed and having fun because it's your time.

Contributed by Jordan Geissinger-Carver

I'm simply obsessed with bird tattoos. . .

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

white ink tattoos are amazing

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Sunflower Tattoo

My second tattoo done at Stingray Tattoo in Allston, MA. First you can see on my wrist in the picture, it says beautiful.

Contributed by Bridget Wood

Traditional black

This is such an amazing tattoo

Contributed by Aimee Purdy

Watercolor Tattoo

Beautiful watercolor tattoo!

Contributed by Kristina Jewell Boyd

They're called Irezumi. It is a traditional, japanese tattooing style that covers the entire body, but may be completely hidden from the public eye. In Japanese history, tattoos orginally had a dark meaning, and were used to punish and identify criminals and laborers. However, 200 years ago, middleclass men adopted Irezumi as an artistic act of rebellion.

Contributed by Marisa Lopez

"Traditional" Tattoos

The real "Traditional" Tattoos. By 1907, Maud Wagner (left) was recognized as one of the first female tattoo artists in America, while Jesse Knight (right) became the first female tattoo artist in the U.K. during WWII times.

Contributed by Marisa Lopez

Ink with Meaning

Beautiful tattoo with a beautiful meaning. Check out meanings from url.

Contributed by Mollie Knighton

Love Tattoo

This says "love" in braille because, Love in itself is blind. Best tattoo meaning.

Contributed by Mollie Knighton