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UV tattoos use UV ink that can only be seen under UV light. They are unique because you can see parts of the tattoo not visible in regular light.

Contributed by Amberly Poe

Britain's most tattooed man, who changed his name to Body Art.

Contributed by Sammo Lea

My third tattoo. Steampunk inspried and my Irish heritage

Contributed by Caitlin Molloy

In Tahiti, getting a tattoo on the left arm is a Feminine memory, and getting a tattoo on the right is masculine.

Contributed by Devin Miller

Tattoed hottie

Contributed by Sharif Shears

Hot inked girls

Contributed by Sharif Shears

I am looking for John Connor.

Contributed by Aaron Amoros

I'm loving this tattoo design!

Contributed by Brianna Saba

Looks so real!

Contributed by Thien Le

Kat Von D is a famous tattoo artist. She stars on the show "L.A Ink", a spin off of the show "Miami Ink". Von D has been tattooing for about 13 years now.

Contributed by Caitlin Joy