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Need a tattoo like this

Contributed by Nikita Lazera



Crazy 3D tattoo: the leg looks hollow!

Contributed by Katie Leavitt


Small and elegant fox tattoo.

Contributed by Courtney Meunier

Water Colors

This is great compared to the normal black tats!

Contributed by Jenna Gunter

In love!

This is so neat!!

Contributed by Jenna Gunter

Shelley Jackson’s Skin Project

"Shelley Jackson’s Skin project, a 2095-word story published exclusively in tattoos, one word each on as many willing volunteers, so it can never be read in its proper order, but just exists, pulsing, out in the world at all times." This is mind-blowing! How cool would it be to physically be a part of a written story?!

Contributed by Shayna Rose Horowitz

Wolf tattoo

Temporary tattoo available on Etsy. So vibrant!

Contributed by Courtney Meunier

"I've lived a thousand lives"

I believe this is an original concept by a girl I know. At the least it's the first of its type I've seen and I love it.

Contributed by Courtney Meunier

From Spirited Away

Contributed by Quiara Gebauer