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Understanding how all of the elements and principles of a tattoo flows together is fundamental when one wants to go out and get one. IF you don't understand them, then you can't really grasp how much a tattoo is an express of what a person stands for.

Contributed by Twins Hernández

rubrics cube

Contributed by Katie Connelly

The feet and ribs are the most painful places in general to get a tattoo. But trust me, once you get it, after all the pain is over no matter where on your body, you'll be glad you did!!

Contributed by Katie Connelly

Vintage Sketch-style

Contributed by Keri Potter


Contributed by Michelina Risbeck

Colorful, beautiful and nicely done!

Contributed by Caitlin Buck

My dream catcher with my sisters birthstones as the beads. I believe it keeps them safe.

Contributed by Teanna Henderson

love for music and tattoos.

Contributed by Iesha Liberato

3D tattoo

Contributed by Keri Potter Tattoo Acceptance In The Workplace

Contributed by Keri Potter