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Moon And Sun

I love the story behind the moon and sun.

Contributed by Samantha Maureen


My sister tattoo, we grew up around bee keeping so 3 bees for my sister and I

Contributed by Briana Ricketts

Are you this committed?

I want to know why someone remotely thought this was a smart decision

Contributed by Josh Burke

Monarch Butterfly

Tattoo: A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling. "I know I'm near the end sweetheart but understand this isn't our end. Whenever you need me just go outside and look for a monarch butterfly, that'll be my way of telling you I'm still here." My grandfathers last words before I lost him to cancer. Now I carry him on my shoulder wherever I go.

Contributed by Ashley Olivarez


When it was fresh

Contributed by Alyssa Myers

Incredible 3D Tattoo

Wow. So cool.

Contributed by Jordan See

The Deathly Hallows

The tale of the three brothers

Contributed by Claudia Tosto

Tattoos are cool

In love with my lion

Contributed by Claudia Tosto

Simple but cool

This is my tattoo I got last October. I have a few detailed tattoos and decided I wanted something more simple but still very cool. I love the exact angles and lines with this one.

Contributed by Jenna Schaub

Tattoo Wing

Isn't this beautiful?

Contributed by Rebecca Christine