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Connect the dots!

Contributed by Mary Joseph

Aww this is so cute

Contributed by Mary Joseph

It took me a few seconds to realize it was just a belly button.

Contributed by Mary Joseph

This person has an awesome sense of humor lol

Contributed by Mary Joseph

Oh, there's Waldo! I would have never guessed

Contributed by Mary Joseph

So cool

Contributed by Mary Joseph


Very cool!

Contributed by Christy Yang

Cover Ups

I think that most tattoos are very beautiful. However, something I dislike is when people get tattoos of names unless it is like a memorial. Relationships do not always last and a tattoo can be a painful reminder of the past. But of course you can always get it covered up. This is a beautiful example of what can happen.

Contributed by Ben Trabing

Breast Cancer Survivor

The tattoo of a breast cancer survivor

Contributed by Chloe Temple

Meaningful tattoos

"God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers". My dad used to always tell me this quote whenever we were experiencing a rough time. Whenever I am going through a painful time, I look at my tattoo to know that I am only becoming stronger from it.

Contributed by Leah Janeski