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Talking Heads

Talking Heads was an American rock band formed in 1975 in New York City and active until 1991. The band comprised David Byrne (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Frantz (drums), Tina Weymouth (bass), and Jerry Harrison (keyboards, guitar). Described by the critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine as "one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the '80s, the group helped to pioneer new wave music by integrating elements of punk, art rock, funk, and world music with avant-garde sensibilities and an anxious, clean-cut image.

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The back cover of the album Talking Heads: 77 shows Tina displaying a willingness to be close to David, which would go away later in life.

Contributed by Keely Burn

Talking Heads perform together for the first time since breaking up at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Contributed by Keely Burn

By the time 1999 rolled around, Talking Heads had already broken up as a band, but that didn't stop the members from sitting down together and speaking with the press on being thought of as a "lesbian band," among other things.

Contributed by Keely Burn

Found on the bonus features of the Stop Making Sense DVD, this bizarre interview with Talking Heads' lead singer, David Byrne, places him in the role of both interviewer and interviewee. David Byrne wears a humongus suit and speaks in a near-monotone while a parade of interviewers- among them a woman, an African American man, and an elderly gentleman- ask increasingly nonsensical questions.

Contributed by Keely Burn

This video displays a band at their peak, energizing the crowd with one of their best live songs. "Slippery People" especially hilights the talents of the background singers, Lyn Mabry and Edna Holt, as they perform a call-and-response chorus with David Byrne.

Contributed by Keely Burn

From left to right: Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz, David Byrne, and Jerry Harrison. Tina and Chris are displaying their fondness for each other while David stares piercingly into the camera, wearing his rain jacket that he later admitted made him look like a flasher. Jerry, in the meantime, wishes he could get away.

Contributed by Keely Burn

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