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Annoyances of Swimming: Being in lane 8 or 1 and hitting your arm on the wall Having broken hairs near your forehead from caps Having a suntan in the shape of a circle/having goggle and cap tan Coming onto the pool deck from a freezing morning into a freezing pool Stubbing your fingers on the wall/catching them in lane lines Having your cap fall off if you use conditioner Feeling like a dolphin if you put on lotion before practice Goggles fogging up

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely

Ending a race

Great photo of someone about to get out from a race.

Contributed by Dominique D'Costa

Michael Phelp's Stunning Victory

Michael Phelps competing at the Beijing Olympics, beating out his competitor by .01 seconds. THE SMALL THINGS DO COUNT.

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely

I've been a competitive swimmer for over 9 years, and have taught swimming for almost half that. I often talk to parents about the pros and cons of swimming..... Pros: -Swimming is possibly one of the safest exercises if monitored. There's a reason that people use it for therapy. Sure, a hard practice can make you feel steamrollered, but it doesn't have the detrimental effect of joint pounding that running does. - Staying fit- swimming, besides running and jump-roping (which gets seriously boring!) burns the most calories out of any activity (keep in mind that less water weight is lost from lack of much sweating) - Hot guys- this is pretty self-explanatory -Team/No Team- When you swim, it is all you. You are racing against the clock, against others, and against your goals. However, you will have a team that will cheer you on and support you. On my team, it is common for others on your team to know what your goal time is and they try to help you make it. Cons: -Swimming is a LOT of dedication. Early practices, hours and hours of meets, not to mention expenses of goggles and travel. You must have passion to perform. -Traveling- some people love this, but since I am still in school and swim for a club team, I must miss school. Again, dedication is necessary. -Feeling Hungry ALL The Time- But you still burn off the calories ;)

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely

In swimming the style of swimming that burns the most calories is the butterfly stroke, one of the most difficult competitive strokes there are.

Contributed by Harmony Lulu Sherman

in a lake in the mountains

Contributed by Jackie Fernandez

The aquatic ape hypothesis explains that ancestors of humans spent time transitioning to a semiaquatic life, which, through evolution explains why modern humans are aquatic mammels.

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Perfect Timing

Great shot of a swimmer about to break the surface of the water.

Contributed by Alyssa Green

Why you should swim; benefits, how to, where to, etc.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards