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The other day, as I was riding home, I saw a pink sun. And when I say pink, I mean hot pink/fushia/magenta colored sun in the sky!!! It was literally the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the 18 years I've been alive. I had never seen the sun so pink before, and it didn't even burn my eyes to look at it. I told my mom it reminded me of half of a grapefruit in the sky. All of this is to say, God has created an incredibly beautiful and perfect world. It was just a beautiful moment that I thought I'd share with yall

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

This is GODS creation.

This is GODS creation and isn't it just amazing? Seeing this everyday is like a gift, and life would be so different with out this small reminder that life IS beautiful.

Contributed by Feeby Marie Benedetti

House On Fire Gone Unnoticed

The title explains it all. I was simply walking my dog whilst listening to my iPod, totally clueless to the raging beauty around me. And it wasn't until I had taken out my earphones when I noticed that everything around me was.. red. I looked up and was taken back by what was displayed in front of me. The sunset was at the perfect angle in which the house nearby appeared to be on fire, especially the with red and orange hues produced by the sun. It was simply spectacular.

Contributed by Vanessa Quilao

Very beautiful and peaceful sunset, ending with a majestic green sparkle.

Contributed by Kekai Edens

This picture didn't do the sunrise justice. It was gorgeous.

Contributed by Hayley Justine Abernathy

Texas Sunset

Contributed by Shelby Jones


The sunset is more then just the end to another day, it's the calming of life, and the energy of each and everyone one of our souls. It's the rememberence of what the beauty in a goodbye could be. The sunset isn't just a painted outlook, but a look in on what life has offered us.

Contributed by Sierra Dominiak

Sunset or Sunrise?

Sunsets and Sunrises can signal the end or start to a new day, and no two are ever the same again. This was at Surfside Beach, South Carolina. Definitely worth getting up for!

Contributed by Hunter Johnson

Water Sunset

This sunset in Utah looks like it's water in the sky. So beautiful.

Contributed by Tori Fawson

The Beauty of Nature

Another sunset in Utah. I love watching each sunset we have!

Contributed by Tori Fawson